MiMi Consulting (Minie Minarelli Consulting) is a sole proprietorship that provides a unique service:
training sessions to prepare
an artist to perform.

As an ARTIST (singer, actress, comedian) but also as a TEACHER (singing, communication, mental skills) I have always experienced that the artist needs two different types of "work" on himself: the first one is the technical study of his instrument (whether it is his voice, his own body or a musical instrument) and the second one is the mental training in preparation for a performance.

Typically this mental training concerns skills such as self-confidence, concentration (before and during the performance), goal setting, motivation, as well as issues like stage fright and anxiety, loss of confidence or demotivation, memory lapses, and so on.

In facts, it happens to have an optimal technical quality during rehearsals but, as soon as we approach the stage our hands start to sweat, legs tremble, we are short of breath (or hyperventilate) and we feel uncomfortable in front of the audience, with consequent mistakes and inaccuracies that we wouldn't have made if we were calm and focused as during rehearsals.

This can happen both to AMATEURS and PROFESSIONALS, occasionally or constantly, or after a long break from performances.

For this reason I started studying mental skills, tailoring a specific path for artistic performers: to train on those skills both professionals and students, giving them the chance to completely enjoy their performances and reach their goals.

I'll do my best, to help you give your best!

Minie Minarelli.
Certified Mental Coach (Mental Training Inc.)